Principal Investigator

Oded Kleifeld pictureOded Kleifeld, Ph.D
Phone: +972-77-8871453
Email: okleifeld AT
Ph.D: Structural Biology Department, Weizmann Institute of Science
Post Doctorate Training: Protease Proteomics, University of British Columbia and Ubiquitin-Proteasome system, Technion-IIT
Teaching: Graduate Program: Advances Proteins;  Graduate Program: Proteomics
Research: Protease substrate specificity, Proteomics

Research Associate

Tali Lavy, Ph.D
Phone: +972-77-8871452
Email: lavyt AT
Ph.D.: Chemistry, Technion-IIT
Post Doctorate Training: Structural Biology, Cold Spring Harbor and Weizmann Institute
Research: Protease substrate specificity

Graduate Students 

Rawad Hanna Ph.D. Student (direct track)
Email: srawad AT
B.Sc: Biochemical Engineering, Faculties of Chemical Engineering and Biology, Technion-IIT
Teaching Assistant: Graduate Program: Advances Proteins & Proteomics
Current Research: Development of novel terminomics methods to study proteolysis

Layla Saied Ph.D. Student
Email: saied.layla AT
B.Sc: Biology and Medical Sciences, Life Science Faculty, Haifa University
M.Sc: Biology Faculty, Technion-IIT
Teaching Assistant: Graduate Program-Advances Proteins; Undergrad-Biochemistry and Metabolism
Current Research: The biology of the peroxisomal Lon protease LonP2

Liron Sulimani Ph.D. Student
Email: liron.sulmani AT
B.Sc:  Biotechnology Engineering, ORT Braude College
M.Sc: Medicinal Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University
Current Research: lipidomics and proteomics studies of the endocannabinoid system

Noam Cohen M.Sc. Student
Email: noam.cohen AT
B.Sc:  Molecular Biochemistry, Faculties of Chemistry and Biology, Technion-IIT
Current Research: Proteomic studies of the Insulin Degrading Enzyme

Andrey Rosenberg, Postdoctoral Fellow
Manisha Sahoo, M.Sc
Sheni Genuth